Franz Rest

IT Project Manager

Planning, managing, implementing and testing IT projects
Proficient in a wide range of applications and programming languages
Communication and negotiation with team members, clients and product owners

About Me

  • Name: Franz Johann Rest
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Working and improving myself in an organization that offers interesting projects, motivated teams and a comfortable working environment. Presently I am expanding my work experience as a manager for various IT projects. Furthermore I am focusing on using and improving my skills to create great projects as well as to reduce impediments and to offer the perfect working environment for a team.


Personally I am a problem solver, who is always interested in using new technologies to satisfy clients or to drive technologies and their applications further. I am knowledgeable in various IT related topics such as programming, hardware & software systems, managing teams, information analysis always trying to stay up to date with new technologies and solutions.
I manage projects and keep things like budget, deadlines and features in scope. Besides that I manage teams. I try to minimize impediments, maximize team motivation and potential and offer a perfect working environment. To reach these goals, communication with clients, product owners and teams is the key to success.

  • Team Management
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication with Clients
  • Handling Deadlines
  • Planning Projects
  • Problem solving



  • 2015

    Technical Project Manager & Business Analyst

    Red Bull Media House, Salzburg

    Working at the Red Bull Media House enabled me to experience working in and with an international team in a big company first hand. I had the opportunity to work with an experienced Senior Scrum Master, managed various projects and also helped developing, testing and improving different applications.

  • 2018

    Tutoring and Coaching

    Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - FH Salzburg

    Tutoring Bachelor-Students at the FH Salzburg. Helping them to manage their projects and reach milestones so they were able to finish their work in time

  • Since 2018

    Project Management

    Elements - New Media Solutions GmbH

    Designing, planing and managing complex B2B and B2C solutions with customers of different sectors


  • 2016-2018

    Master of Science in Multimedia Technologies

    Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - FH Salzburg

    I am currently finishing my Master on the FH Salzburg. I used the opportunity for further improvement in various aspects including project management, Scrum and Mixed Reality.

  • 2016

    Scrum Master Certificate

    Using agile Management for years I finally decided to get the official Scrum Master Certificate. This also enabled me to get a wider understanding of the Scrum process.

  • 2013-2016

    Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technologies

    Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - FH Salzburg

    I completed the Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Technologies on the FH Salzburg and had the chance to improve myself in different aspects of IT. I learned to manage IT processes, resources and teams and also developed Applications and Games for Mixed Reality, Web and Mobile.

  • 2007-2012

    Higher School Certificate

    HAK Tamsweg

    I got my Higher School Certificate in a school that focuses on economics and management. Additionally I specialized in different IT minors.




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